National Charity

The national charity, I support and donate a proportion of my yearly profits to is the MS Society. This is because a close family 

member suffers from this horrible disease. I want to be apart of the fight to not only end this disease, but also with helping and easing the suffering of others affected by it. To find out more about the MS Society or leave a donation click on their logo.


Local Charity

The local charity, I support is Midas Plus. They do wonderful work to help vulnerable people in the local community. Every year we enter Bernard our Digital Marketing Manager into the Staines Midas Plus big charity duck race. Click on their logo to find out more about Midas Plus or even enter a duck of your own and maybe join in one of their events.


Meet Bernard

Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager 

Age: 5 (In duck years)

Height: 35cm

Awards: Best Dressed 2015

Star Sign: Libra