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Floods of Shepperton

In 2014, I had recently left a major Blue Chip Company to help focus on my studies at University. Instead of trying to find gainful employment, I volunteered my time to helping local flood victims. In the aftermath, once the flood waters had receded. I worked with the church to help restore peoples homes, by removing damaged carpets and general labour. Whilst, I never charged a person in need of help. The events inspired and gave me the confidence to start my own business providing general maintenance / handyman services.


Birkbeck University

From 2013 to 2017, I studied part-time at Birkbeck University of London, in evenings and upon weekends. Whilst, in the background growing my enterprise, by expanding our skillset and market share. I even achieved my medium term goals acquiring of a van. I built up a large customer base of repetitive business, due to my work ethic, honesty and loyalty to my customers. I was also a Which? Trusted Trader with 57 reviews, with an overall 5 Stars for customer service, quality and value.



Hover Enterprises is currently looking for
small projects & weekend tasks
. That need fixing,

maintaining or building.